Daily Life in Korea 9

I was walking home when a Korean woman gave me a brochure .  A brochure with pictures of bust casts and lingerie.  The brochure had this website mentioned.

It is apparently lingerie and body suit’s that can purportedly maintain a woman’s youthful body shape.  So, either I looked like an ahjumma or a sex worker (considering where I live and therefore where I was, that wouldn’t be a ridiculous assumption).  I don’t know if I really believe a Korean woman about maintaining a youthful body through the daily application of proper “innerwear”.  But it doesn’t surprise me that a Korean woman (or man) would make such bold suggestions or that a thriving business could grow upon them.

However, I rather think that it is like uncooked sausage casing or icing in a bag.  We are, in fact, 60% water.  So it seems possible to shift the shape of something so liquid, but it will instantly shift back to its natural state after the structure is removed.

So much for innerwear to preserve my youth.