Daily Life in Korea 11

Western-Asians who move back to Asia: I didn’t really want to stereotype these people, but clearly they are looking for something they couldn’t get in the West.  Maybe it is to find their biological birth parents (and realize they were a million times more loved by their Western-probably white-adoptive parents).  Maybe it is to identify and re-discover their heritage which their Western-Asian parents have lost.  Maybe it is to get the romantic male lead in a movie or a lucrative recording deal with lots of endorsement deals.

Or it could be more sinister.  They could be Asians who want to live in a world with more Asians and less “foreigners”.

Asians tend to flock together no matter what part of the world they are residing in.  I blame their “cliquish” culture for that.

One of my co-teachers dislikes me and our other white American coworker, but she likes the Chinese Canadian native English teacher at her other school.  They went to see a movie together.  I’m just saying.