Daily Life in Korea 22

A monkey's face in simple shapes.

I have seen two grown women wearing sweaters with this on them.  Yes, respectfully attired women in all other regards wearing a cartoonish monkey head that seems perfect for the baby-to-pre-school-age child.  I live in South Korea.  One of them works with me.  The other was on the street in the neighborhood I work in.

Other views of the monkey head image: Yes, this is the latest trend in South Korea.  I see it already starting.

A pretty similar monkey image was the design for the winter hats from Baskin Robbins last year.

Last summer it was Guess T-shirts.  You know, the kind that was popular in the 1990s in the greatest country in the world (hint-the one that made the shared modern world culture you are mostly likely enjoying right now).

I wouldn’t wear a GAP logo hoodie in the states, but they are a popular brand here.  You wouldn’t even find a GAP logo hoodie in women’s sizes in the stores in the states.  But GAP logo Ts and hoodies are the most popular item from the GAP store here.

Asian fashion is not reliable.  And not made for women who don’t need butt pads or padded bras and boob jobs.

Thankfully what comes quickly into style in this small country will go out of style quickly too.  I say, by summer there will be a new must-have clothing item for men, women, and children alike.  Maybe a penguin face or a farting chicken.