Daily Life in Korea 27

Things open later in South Korea than in America.  Like at the time of whenever the hell the owner wants or after 9am.

There are only five kinds of places that stay open 24-hours: some McDonald’s, some public baths, some large supermarkets and convenience stores, Korean fast food restaurants that sell kimbap and donkatsu and kimchi jigae, and Korean restaurants selling hang-over food.   Yes, the only places in some areas are very Korean places to go late at night.  There is no fourth meal Taco-Bell either.

Everything else opens at 10 and closes at 4 or 6 in the evening.

Okay, that is slightly exaggerating but the supermarket wasn’t open at 8am and it doesn’t open until 10am and therefore Starbucks is probably not open.  I say this because when I got off the subway at 8am from my bus ride and subway transfer at 6am, I walked past the supermarket-which had chains on the doors still.

So, at that moment I had to decide if I believed Dunkin’ Donuts would really be open (no, they wouldn’t be serving fresh donuts baked on the premises in the early am or even donuts delivered and unwrapped that morning-just stale donuts that have been in the glass ALL NIGHT!) or if I was just going to hope a Korean-style fake-French bakery was open.  There was one open.  I got a hot chocolate.  It tasted more like slightly cooked milk.