Daily Life in Korea 30

Korea has four seasons!

All of them suck.

Ok, now let me explain.  I love seasonal foods in Asia.  I like seasonal dishes and fruits in Korea.

But I don’t love the weather that comes with each season.  I come from a giant continent in a landlocked state.  The weather wasn’t related to the season, excluding snow and hail.

So, in winter it is cold.  Cold and dry.  Very, very cold.  There isn’t much snow or other perks of winter.  Just unceasing cold between November until the end of February.  Combined with the dry, dead vegetation of winter-it is a pretty bleak season.
Spring however doesn’t get much better.  It is cool, with a slight warmth beginning, but it is windy.  There are sand storms, coming from mainland Asia.  You can come out of your house to find the world gently covered by yellow.  Yellow sand, yellow pollen-it covers the cars, streets, and everything else.  Yellow sand makes people quite sick so some people take to wearing masks when outside.  On the worst days when you see the sky tinted yellow, it is advisable to not even go outside.  However, even when there isn’t yellow sand, there is horrible wind in spring.  The wind howls and generally takes whatever warmth was descending on the land.
Summer is better! Hot sunshine!  Heat.  Humidity.  Constant rain showers.  There is a threat of rainfall all the time and it comes in short, unexpected bursts.  And then it is back to holding your umbrella and wearing rain boots on a bright, sunny day.  Occasionally there is thunder or lightening.  A single flash but not even a proper rainstorm because there is no rain.  However, the sheer amount of rain makes the water in empty river beds of other seasons rise up and sometimes there are floods.
Fall or Autumn is different.  No crazy wind or sudden rain showers.  The temperatures aren’t freezing.  But there aren’t a lot of flat places with trees that lose leaves.  So, it doesn’t feel like my continental American fall.  Sure, you can look up to the mountains and see the changing colors and climb them to be in the midst of the fall leaves.  Hahaha, but that is the best complaint I can come up with about Korea in Autumn so it really isn’t that bad.
However, fall is really the best time to visit Korea.  And there are yummy persimmons to eat.