Daily Life in Korea 32

Have you ever seen all those hagwon buses?  Or university buses?

Ever wondered why there are so many huge buses and mini-vans for businesses and schools in South Korea?

Because they pick up their students and drop them off.  Your taekwondo instructor is also your driver.

Yep, it is a country geared towards public and hired transportation.

If you get drunk, you can also pay for a designated driver to drive you and your car home.

Completely true.  Also, taxis are cheap.


One thought on “Daily Life in Korea 32

  1. sigh, i hate those buses. also i hate cars. in korea. drivers are total jerks, even when they don’t mean to be (maybe). they honk as they approach me from behind on my bike or while walking in the narrow streets. this is not a warning because i already know they’re there 99.99% of the time. also, i have started wearing a hat whenever i ride my bike in the street to cover up my yellow hair. i think this will suppress violent feeling from drivers here because they won’t easily know i am a non-korean. however, i ride my bike like an individualist, which could perhaps be a blatant indicator or at least an agitator to drivers in the vicinity.

    my city here in korea is not particularly well-designed for avid bike commuting or even pedestrianism. however, i can imagine that revamping the car-centric policies and infrastructure in korea would change a lot of things for the better. (though, what would hyundai, kia, and daewoo do to ensure the paved and polluted future of korean prosperity?)

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