Daily Life in Korea 41

There are lots of college-educated, English-speaking foreigners in South Korea.

But there are lots of working class foreigners who need to use Korean with their bosses (read evil overlords).

Those were the kinds of foreigners that were drinking beers outside and hollering to me in Korean.  You know, saying hi to a pretty white woman because regardless of why she is here, she must be easy.

Later, walking back through the same shady neighborhood I live in, a Korean man also spoke to me on the streets.  He said hello.  He might have been drunk.

But I think the difference is interesting that other foreigners hitting on me out on the street might use Korean, expecting me to know it like they do, while Koreans will use English or ask “Russian?” to approach me.

Sigh, but they all think my purpose in life is to sexually serve them.  Asian men can be really gross sometimes.  Like when they greet you on the streets and freely look you over.