Daily Life in Korea 43

You know it’s spring because every classroom has a wasp.  Yes, even the 4th floor windows open sideways and have no screens.  So things can just fly right in or out.  All the students would point out the wasp or as they like to call it, the “bee” and both would be promptly ignored by the Korean teachers.  And no one got stung (yet), so I am sure it’s all fine.  After all, this isn’t America where people have allergies to bee stings and take that very seriously.

Also, my co-teacher seemed to give the 3rd graders a coloring lesson, I think.  She drew a balloon on the white board and drew lines on it.  Coloring properly is essential for an English education.

One of my students told the class her birthday was August 23rd.  Yeah, I think I might hate her.  She wears glasses and has straight black hair and is Korean too.

One student said his birthday was September 24th.  There was some minor misunderstanding about that being Christmas eve.  It isn’t, in case you wondered.

Also, books are expensive to mail internationally because they are heavy.

And pizza makes me feel sick.  After eating … which might make me feel sick at the smell of pizza in the future.  Could be a hard life ahead of me.

But I like shopping at the open market in Nambu.  Except when the snack sales lady gives me extra snacks in my bag and I don’t like them.  It doesn’t feel awesome getting something free if it is something you don’t want.  But I can feed those snacks to my students, they will eat anything.