Daily Life in Korea 57

I went to the National Pension Office to receive a payment of my Korean pension which I suppose I should be treating like American Social Security.  But I probably won’t invest it or put it into a 401K when I finally do receive it.  It’ll probably go towards paying bills.

However, I want to point out that all the Koreans there were very old.  And I was a young, although sickly, foreigner who had a coughing fit.

And the lady helping me misplaced her copies so she tried to take my airplane ticket print-out away.  But I kept it and she gave me a quizzical look.  But it was mine and I was very understanding about her making the necessary copies, but it wasn’t my fault she hadn’t removed them from the copier.  But it might have caused her to lose face if I said that in my direct English.  So, I just pulled back my papers SEVERAL times.  She finally figured it out.

I wonder what the elderly people thought of all of this.