Memento and Inception

I love Inception.

I just watched my roommate’s copy and she sat with me on the couch during part of it.

I really love this movie.  I keep getting drawn into the story every time I watch.  It is beautiful, well-written, casted perfectly with amazing actors, and well-edited.  It is just an experience to watch.  It tells a story that gives me an emotional journey to experience.  Over and over (probably because it made a huge analogy for my life when I first saw it)!

So, yes, it was the creative baby of Christopher Nolan.  And yes, I like the new Batman Trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger as JOKER! -OMgosh!), and The Dark Knight Rises (I haven’t seen it yet!!!).  I really enjoyed The Prestige (thank you, Disney Cruise).

But I didn’t like Memento.  Why?  I don’t remember … I mean, I saw it a decade ago … It was edgy visually, instead of dark like Gotham or opulent and historical like The Prestige or surreal and diverse like Inception.  But I don’t think it was just the black-and-white color of Memento.

All of Nolan’s films have surprises and twists.  They are all complicated stories with intense characters.  But I think why I didn’t like Memento wasn’t any of the techniques or cinematography tricks it employed.  Rather, Memento’s story revolted me.

The Prestige shows vindictive, ruthless competition creating loss.  Batman Begins defines criminality and juxtapositions it with vigilante justice.  The Dark Knight was amazing, but the ending left me slightly cold because I don’t know if I believe that real hope could be created through deception.  And while Memento was an interesting puzzle, it wasn’t an inspiring story for me.  I felt dirty and brutalized after watching Memento.

So, yeah, Inception was great.  I want to see The Dark Knight Rises.  What was that other movie …. M-something?  I am just going to forget all about that.