The Modern War on Women 1

There is definitely a cultural trend of war on women … Conservatives needing harsh rules to make themselves feel they are on the right side of righteous instead of developing real character to engage with a painful world.

Which is why I love Nico Lang’s article, “Trampire:” Why the Public Slut Shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young Women:

“I might not be concerned for K-Stew, but I am concerned for all the young women today who are tuned into this scandal, ones who are learning that it’s not okay to screw up, ever. Chris Brown can publicly beat the hell out of his girlfriend but still be played on the radio and win Grammys. However, if you ever cheat on your boyfriend, your life is over and no one will ever want to be associated with you. Almost no one will blame the much-older guy you cheated with, and it might actually make him more famous and help his career. Few will care that he was your boss and in a position of authority or that he may have have taken advantage of your youth and relative inexperience. Everything is your fault, and your life will be threatened over it. If you are a trampire, you will be publicly staked for it, even though cheater Ashton Kutcher recently emerged relatively unscathed by the media. No one asked for him to be fired from Two and a Half Men.”

“I might not be concerned for K-Stew, but I am concerned for my younger stepsister who has pictures of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on her walls, who idolizes and worships them, and who might grow up to hate Kristen Stewart for reasons she doesn’t understand. I’m worried she will be taught that it’s not okay to mess up, learn from it and apologize, because no one wants your apology, just your suffering on camera. I’m worried that she’ll think its okay to harass and threaten women for their indiscretions, even if men get off scot-free. I’m worried she will think this culture of bullying, slut-shaming and rhetorical violence against women is the norm, because you get a t-shirt for it. I’m worried she will learn to internalize the shame brought on far too many women today, for having sexualities, for not being perfect, for not fitting into a box. I’m worried she’ll believe men like Todd Akin, Paul Ryan and Mike Huckabee are right.”

Interestingly, women self-report higher rates of infidelity now than in the past – while still being much lower than men’s self-reported rates.  Why I find this interesting is one would assume any reasonably intelligent person would think some change should begin with men, where the larger problem exists-and that by correcting men’s undesirable sexual behavior, women would be likewise encouraged to abstain or remain faithful.  Maybe a reasonable person wold think men shouldn’t be encouraged to fuck every woman they see, glorify rape as normal sexual behavior without negative consequences, and practice aggression as a badge of male honor.

But then again, any reasonable person would guess these issues aren’t about abortion, pre-marital sex, birth control, or rape.  We aren’t discussing sex-we are discussing gender and how women are used as objects for displaced anger, violence, and pain.

It’s ugly.  And it is exactly the nature of the modern war against women.

-The Modern War on Women-