Dokdo Is Ours: My thoughts on what I call “A Culture of Copying”

Dokdo Is Ours: My thoughts on what I call “A Culture of Copying”.

It’s the way business is done in Korea. Japanese and Chinese tourists come here not for the sites but for the imitation Gucci handbags. High school students copy on exams. College students plagiarize their papers from the internet. Professors plagiarize their papers from their undergrads.

“You see, copying is endemic in Korea. Companies have been getting away with it for so long because, really, Korea has been off the radar internationally. No one has paid attention to what Korea has been doing inside Korea, so we have generations of people brought up with the idea that copying successful companies is normal. ”

” I’ve heard the excuse that in Confucian tradition, students are supposed to copy their teachers and not do anything that involves critical thought. “

Go read the whole post, it’s good!

Raw Food

Bananas in the Raw – Served fresh and all natural, raw toppings.

I ate this breakfast at 118°, a restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.

At 118°, they don’t serve any food that has been cooked.  Raw food is a new trend in diets.  You can be a vegan raw foodie, a vegetarian raw foodie, or even choose to eat raw meat and fish.


Read the blog of 118° here.


Re-examining the Past

I probably should spend some time looking at the past …

Seeing what has changed since then.

Seeing what hasn’t changed since then.

Seeing the themes of my life played out over time.

And perhaps seeing solutions too.

While reading this, I was stuck by the line: “Did I pick this?”

I see there the same question I ask myself now.

I see a rejection of responsibility.  I see dissatisfaction with consequences.  I see pain and heartache.

I see indecision and I see lack of confidence.

I see myself.

Gangnam Style Continues

Here is a more recent review of the craze surrounding PSY’s Gangnam Style.

You can read their blog: Eat Your Kimchi! and about Gangnam Style for Music Mondays.

Parody video by Simon and Martina!

Bloopers!                        They are awesome!

Britney Spears even learns the horse dance from PSY himself while on Ellen’s show.

This is getting a lot of press.

“Hi, I’m PSY from Korea. How are you?” Yeah, that is totally for a Korean audience!  Sigh, we know you are from Korea … also we don’t especially care unless we are Korean.