What I want for my life? Life List

A year and a half ago, while visiting Hawaii, I came up with some ideas for how I wanted to live my life.

Things I Want to Do During My Life:

1. Have a husband/Be a wife

2. Be brave

3. Be content

4. Be happy/joyful

5. Be generous

6. Travel the world

7. Write

8. Find a career path

9. Be a mother

10. Follow God and know God as a friend

11. Lose weight

A year and a half later, I did lose weight!  Well, I gained a little bit back too, but still.

Things I Want to Do Everyday:

1. Eat healthy food.

2. Smile at strangers.

3. Read the Bible.

4. Be still and wait on God’s Word.

5. Celebrate something good with someone.

6. Encourage someone to believe in love and goodness

7. Write

8. Laugh

9. Talk with friends

10. Like myself

11. Pray

Honestly, there is nothing I do everyday in my real life from that list.  I scowl at strangers and don’t return their greetings or smiles.  I don’t go to church or read my Bible or pray.  I can’t celebrate even with my friends for their sake.  I hate myself.  I sometimes eat healthy food if I am not binging on junk food and chocolate.  I mostly complain to my friends instead of “talk”.  And I can’t remember the last time I laughed …  Honestly, I doubt people in California have heard me laugh.  Maybe they’ve seen a weak smile at best.

I also used to have a list of regrets somewhere, but I guess I should keep those a little closer to my chest.  And I guess I won’t be able to move forward in joy if I keep looking at my mistakes, weaknesses, and failures.

Things to Do Everyday – My 2012 Life List:

1. Smile

2. Laugh

3. Eat delicious, healthy food.

4. Make something with my hands.

5. Sing a Song

6. Compliment/Encourage Someone

7. Learn Something New

8. See the Sky

9.  Write

10. Plan for the future