Love Letter 7

Your face is painted with the most beautiful hues.  Red lips and bright, green eyes framed by thick, black ashes.  Beautiful princess, lovely in color – pale and gleaming, bright and clear.

Red, red rose.
Red, red rose.

“Gold of sunshine in her hair. Lips thatshame the red, red rose. She’ll walk in springtime wherever she goes!” – Flora


Love Letter 6

Do you see beauty in love?
Do you see beauty in love?

See how I love you, pretty one.  I would lavish jewels and metal upon you.  I will celebrate your life with songs and speeches.  Let’s journey to the sea.  I will tour you with adventure.  There is a whole, big world to see.  It’s your hand I want to hold while my life happens.

Love Letter 5

Rest your head down and I will run my hands through your soft hair.  Just close your eyes and turn down the volume on all your anxious thoughts.  I am right besides you and I won’t abandon you.  I won’t hurt you, dear.  Let your worries float away on streams created by a steady, gentle rain of affection.

Rest in peace, let nothing disturb your inner core.  You are the same and changing.  You won’t fail or be defeated.  You will endure.  There will be a tomorrow.  And you can be passionate and fierce, but also content and filled with faith.  Hold on to hope.  Your lovely eyes shouldn’t always swim with tears.  Your laughter shouldn’t be muted.  Your smile is beautiful to see-will you show it to me?  Let me embrace you and breathe in the same space.  Let me hold your hand and that action will tell you that I am beside you and for you, in this very moment.

In the coming days, I won’t forget.  I won’t regret loving you.  I am committed to you.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  From now on, we are together.  So, don’t despair.  I am here with you in your grief.  I won’t leave you alone in your suffering.  I love you.

Love Letter 4

Tender-hearted.  Compassionate.  Sensitive.  Present.  Heart-felt.

Eye See You by tida bradshaw

Empathetic rather than sympathetic.  Close rather than distant.  Connected rather than unengaged.  Even your ability to hurt with and for another is a beautiful gift when it causes compassion and comfort to follow.

Love Letter 3

Falling in Love with You

“I can’t help falling in love with you.”  “I don’t know you but I want you all the more for that.”

You are soft. Delicate. Light and fair.  A sharp contrast of colors.  Piercing.  Intense eyes and a playful mouth.  Rosy cheeks and a pointed nose.  You smile shyly.  Your laugh is bold and jingles through the air.  You tease with mirth and affection.  Your eyes can send the soulful message of adoration straight into my heart.  You are utterly delightful, charming really.

You melt.  You gaze intently.  You pick up on the small details.  You see the shapes and colors, moods and motives.  You look to see, always.

You play with child-like joy.  You smile and laugh and share the feelings of happiness with the world surrounding you.  I’ve seen you radiating love and joy during the simple enjoyment of a favorite activity, story, or sight.  You literally shine with light.  You are gloriously radiant and bright.

Love Letter 2

“I have and always will.”

You are kind, love.  Kind-hearted.

You care about people.  You want the world to be a better place.  You want justice to be delivered.  You want to know people as individuals.  You try to say things accurately and articulately so your meaning is clear.  You want to create harmony and connection between people.  You want to express and share love with people.  You delight in beauty and want to share the beauty in all things with everyone.  You care about others’ well-being and health.

 You have a beautiful heart full of kindness, babe.