Kitties, Drives, and Heaters

I have befriended a cute kitty in my apartment complex.  She is adorable and sweet and while slightly hesitant, but responds to a simply outstretched hand and gentle petting.

I went for a drive and ended up driving past the Tustin Marketplace on accident.  I didn’t have my GPS but I found the Tustin library eventually (off Main) and got lunch before meandering my way towards home.  Yes, I can drive on roads that aren’t the freeways and still get to places.

But my home is cold.  I can’t stand fall.  I am boycotting it.  Thus, on with the heater and cozying up with a sweater and a blanket.

Maybe tomorrow I will post about the guy who broke my heart … (okay, it was already broken, he just re-opened my wound).