Love Letter 1

Smile beautiful woman.  Smile and let the sunlight shine on your face.  You’ll feel warm.  Smile and feel warm.

Sit in the sunlight and smile and feel warm.  Live in the small moment where the sun is in the sky, the leaves and flowers sway in the breeze, and let warmth envelope your skin.

Let yourself be one with the beauty of the moment.

That beauty is perceived and part of you.  You co-create beauty.  You are beautiful.  You look beautiful when you smile.

Love Letter a


You have such lovely eyes.  They are black-lined almonds with pools of brown that turn to green.

They draw in the light to your face.  They can fill with mirth or intensity.

Your eyes are your prettiest feature-the defining point of your face.  They are so large like giant mirrors.  Your long lashes are the frame.  These eyelashes give butterfly kisses when your face is next to another.

I love looking in your eyes.  You really have very lovely eyes.

Murderous Dream

I had a murderous dream where to attain success up the corporate ladder, I needed to eliminate some obstacles in the form of people: a former lover, a familial relative (lil’ bro), and some Asian woman.  I snapped their necks (yes, in the dream world, my lack of physical strength isn’t a concern), except for the Asian woman’s.  She was too fast and got away.  But I had planned on still killing her.

I think I feel like I am struggling against forces that inhibit me.  I might not need to literally snap their necks and thankfully, I couldn’t even begin to accomplish such a feat.

A Month-Worth of Love Letters

♥ I made a vow.  To write myself a month’s worth of love letters between November 24-December 24.

Since I was a precociously articulate child, I dreamed of writing beautiful letters to my beloved that poured out to display in alphabetical combinations my devotion, my admiration, my desire, and my joy.

Decades later … still no beloved in the form of another.

But I thought, there’s someone who really wants to receive a love letter.  And she really deserves them, because she is lovable.

So, a month of love letters. ♥

Kitties, Drives, and Heaters

I have befriended a cute kitty in my apartment complex.  She is adorable and sweet and while slightly hesitant, but responds to a simply outstretched hand and gentle petting.

I went for a drive and ended up driving past the Tustin Marketplace on accident.  I didn’t have my GPS but I found the Tustin library eventually (off Main) and got lunch before meandering my way towards home.  Yes, I can drive on roads that aren’t the freeways and still get to places.

But my home is cold.  I can’t stand fall.  I am boycotting it.  Thus, on with the heater and cozying up with a sweater and a blanket.

Maybe tomorrow I will post about the guy who broke my heart … (okay, it was already broken, he just re-opened my wound).