Love Letter 24

Uniting two hearts.

How do I know you and know me and meld you with me without losing you or me?

Is it a mystery?  Is it a possibility?  Is it a dream?  Is it a hope?

What is love?  I can feel it.  I can give it.  I can receive it.  I can know it.  And I still can’t describe it directly.  Because it encompasses so many actions and so many withholdings.  A parents holding their tongue while their child explore a complicated world.  A smile from a stranger.  The silence of a friend.  The perfectly timed word of a friend.  A kiss.  Or a hug.  Or a goodbye.

There is so much in love.

But to unite two hearts, I know there is no judgement in love.  Love is acceptance … even of the unacceptable.