We are extremely loyal but also extremely insecure. Self-doubt is our constant companion, and often self-hatred.  Being unacceptable to ourselves, we hide our true selves, convinced that if anyone truly knew us, they would abandon us. This fear of abandonment often fuels our codependent behavior as we seek to do everything in our power to become so valuable that others would not want to leave us.  By choice, our lives are not our own and our emotions are the property of  … the person closest to us.

Love Letter 18


Rest in yourself.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Beginning again.

Starting over.

Resting now.

Moving tomorrow.

Resting now.

Leaping tomorrow.

Resting now,

Forgiving now.

Loving tomorrow.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe love in.

Breathe love out.

Breathe love in.

Breathe love out.





















Love Letter 16

Just stare at the sky.

The blue sky.

The bright blue sky.

With beautiful, puffy clouds.

The sky …


The sky is there.


From every place, it still is seen.

From every place, the sky is unchanging.



Remember when you see the sky, that you are of the world.

Love Letter 15

You are my rainbow.  You make me smile after the rainy days pass.  You are my lovely rainbow.  Colorful you shine, like light to my smile.  I love you, rainbow.  You’re my rainbow.  After cloudy skies clear, I know I’ll find you.  You’re my silver lining to a rainy day.  I love you, my beautiful rainbow.

Love Letter 14

Across our differences, I will place love.

I will give you grace to cover what I can’t understand.

 Mercy to cover your failings.

Compassion to cover your pain.

Comfort to ease the burden of your suffering.

Humility to cover misunderstandings.

Trust to bind us together.

Love is the strongest rope to bind us together.

Me to you and you to me.

Knowing the other better and better.

Changing with the other again and again.

Loving each other.

I will see you as beautiful

I will love you.

Love Letter 13

Singing and dancing.

With you.

My joy can’t be contained.

Let me drive you to exotic places.

Let’s picnic on the green lawn.

Let’s splash in the waves at the beach.

Let’s gaze through the clouds to valley below from the mountain’s heights.

Let’s sleep under the stars’ bright light.

Let’s celebrate nature.

Let’s celebrate life.

Let’s celebrate peace.

Let’s celebrate oneness.

Let’s celebrate joy.

And I will celebrate you.

Love Letter 11

I will sit with you in the silence.  You can’t stop crying, but you don’t have to stop.  Just feel how you feel. let yourself feel the magnitude of what is present right now.  Grieve.  Don’t stop if you are still grieving.  Cry until your tears dry on their own.  And I am here beside you.

You don’t need to say anything.  I won’t ask you any questions.  I will just lay beside you.  What can I do to comfort you?  I can just quietly rest beside you and run my fingers through your hair.  Or rub your shoulders.  Or breathe on your neck.  Or hold your hand.

Don’t stuff away your feelings.  Where do you think you could hide them without losing more of yourself?  I am not afraid of how much you feel or what you feel.  It’s fine to be yourself.  All of yourself.  Even the parts you haven’t discovered.  You won’t shock or disappoint me.  Please, just be yourself and relax.  Enlarge the borders of your safety.  Lie down in peace.  Smile peacefully.  Lay down your strategies, defenses, and weapons for a renewed hope in peace.