What remains the same in the digital age.

Starting with a blank screen-the modern page-anything is possible.

Drawn lines could create meaning or abstract shape with the paper page. Now there are digital photographs. 

The paper page could even transform into a plane or swan with flat becoming 3 dimensional.  The flat screen offers video.

But words remain the same.

Missing Someone

I am missing someone.

I don’t know if that someone misses me back.

We are missing all the moments in each other’s lives as we grow apart. We are growing in different directions and we are living separately within this wide, blue world.

I miss smiles and laughs. I miss tears and hugs. I miss hands, face, and heart.  I miss everything as I cycle through memories of someone I used to know.  Memories that may be bitter or sweet, but are part of all of the memories that made that person someone to me.

I am missing someone that doesn’t exist anymore. That someone I remember is a collection of memories in my brain.

I can’t miss the person my someone is now.  How could I miss someone I don’t know?

Even that, even not knowing this person nowadays, I miss the opportunity I had before.  I want more than just the memories of that person, I want the someone who exists today.

Most of all, I am missing someone.  Someone just as he is, whoever he may be now.