Stfu, peanut gallery

Wtf? The woman that said she doesn’t like crying babies to my 2-year old child’s face AND repeatedly joked about giving him whiskey to knock him out said I might want to try music before drugging him with a small dose of melatonin (prescribed). The childless old hag should stfu.

Tonight, I put my son to bed while my mom’s friends were over. They generally come over twice a month and so they already know he cries very hard at bedtime.  But still, after all this time, he cries loudly every night at bedtime.

So, as they discuss my son after he is in his room, still crying, I mentioned thd doctor recommended trying melatonin.  To which one lady responded that I should try music before drugging my child.  As though I haven’t played him lullabies.  As though I haven’t been with him through two years of bedtimes.  As though she hasn’t quipped about giving my son whiskey to get him drunk and sleepy.  It might be a joke but she gave a puppy a wine cooler before so clearly not that removed from possibility.

The problem is I didn’t immediately respond with a “You are one to talk.”

Instead, I had been vulnerable and felt unrealistically attacked.  I’m a single mom with a support team of none.  My biggest encourager is the tyke with the sleeping problems.  That means I hear more “you should” than “good job”. I hear “why didn’t you” after the fact, instead of “why don’t you try”.  I try my best.  I don’t drug my child.  Melatonin is naturally part of sleep biochemistry.  But this old maid is a bitter bully with opinions I unfortunately needed to take time to unpack as ridiculous.  Seriously, she’s an obese woman who fiercely decries the importance of diet and exercise. So if nutrition and activity don’t matter, then medicine should be negligible too, right?  

Plus, use some common sense.  If you hear a kid crying from two floors away, maybe he isn’t going to be listening to that music if it’s playing while he’s in his crib.

If SHE really wants to help, quit ruining his bedtime by staying over late into the night.  That way he isn’t upset he has to leave the party.  Actually that won’t help, he would rather be with me than a bunch of old hags so he’d gladly stay with me even to sleep than with her.