Text with old friend

“… I would say I am even more psycho than when you met me.
I pretty much had a breakdown … yesterday and told my ex-boyfriend that I couldn’t take care of myself and thought I was a rubbish person who couldn’t ever be loved.  Like, probably I am under so much constant distress over this belief that I can’t cope with anything but be next to someone very kind and just watch TV.  Which is all we did for the last few months when we were together. “

Grieving 4

Grief is loss.

Sometimes the sense of loss steals more than just joy and wholeness.

Sometimes it steals identity.

Grief over losing who you defined yourself as.  Grief over losing who you defined yourself with.

My friend R sent me this link.  R likes strange music, bicycles, and strong convictions.

The Division Of Gravity

The woman talks about strength.  Strength to value herself.

But there is still grief.