Raw Food

Bananas in the Raw – Served fresh and all natural, raw toppings.

I ate this breakfast at 118°, a restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.

At 118°, they don’t serve any food that has been cooked.  Raw food is a new trend in diets.  You can be a vegan raw foodie, a vegetarian raw foodie, or even choose to eat raw meat and fish.


Read the blog of 118° here.


Earthquake for Three Seconds

There was an earthquake for three seconds.  Definitely not my first or longest earthquake experience but potentially my first Californian earthquake experience.  Potentially because I couldn’t remember how many times I had been here, but people ask, “Oh, is it your first time to California?”  To which I say “no”, but maybe it would be more helpful to say it is my first time living in California.

Anaheim as a toddler, San Diego as an elementary student, San Francisco to Anaheim as a high school student, Disneyland post-college, Orange County.  Yep, been to California five times before moving here.

I was really excited about the earthquake!

Daily Life in Korea 63

South Korea has a lot of second-hand smoke.  You always see men smoking at the table or outside.  After being in a bar, you probably will still smell like smoke.  California doesn’t let you smoke in restaurants.  It has been that way for like a decade I think.

I’m just saying! ^.~