What Comforts Us

A list of comforting essentials (inspired by The Art of Comforting by Val Walker)

The Arts to express ourselves

Belief, for a sense of meaning and purpose

Comfort foods and drinks

A safe, relaxing place to restore or rest oneself

Connection, a support system, community, a sense of belonging

Entertainment, media, and games



Passion, Interests, Hobbies

Love and affection

Nature, experiencing the life on Earth

Pets and animals

Touch, hugs, caresses, massages, foot baths, brushing hair, putting on lotion, putting on nail polish or makeup, sex


Medication, treatment or therapy

Messages of Comfort

I will stand by you through this.

I want to hear and understand you.

I feel sympathy for you, even if I haven’t had similar experiences or understand all of your feelings.

I don’t condemn or judge you for this.

I want to be a safe person for you.

I want to help you or support you in specific ways.

I want to schedule time to connect with you again, after this meeting.