Love Letter 11

I will sit with you in the silence.  You can’t stop crying, but you don’t have to stop.  Just feel how you feel. let yourself feel the magnitude of what is present right now.  Grieve.  Don’t stop if you are still grieving.  Cry until your tears dry on their own.  And I am here beside you.

You don’t need to say anything.  I won’t ask you any questions.  I will just lay beside you.  What can I do to comfort you?  I can just quietly rest beside you and run my fingers through your hair.  Or rub your shoulders.  Or breathe on your neck.  Or hold your hand.

Don’t stuff away your feelings.  Where do you think you could hide them without losing more of yourself?  I am not afraid of how much you feel or what you feel.  It’s fine to be yourself.  All of yourself.  Even the parts you haven’t discovered.  You won’t shock or disappoint me.  Please, just be yourself and relax.  Enlarge the borders of your safety.  Lie down in peace.  Smile peacefully.  Lay down your strategies, defenses, and weapons for a renewed hope in peace.


Love Letter 10



 Isn’t the world a bit brighter with you?

I see colors that shine and glimmer.

Your smile becomes even more beautiful

as I see it now.

Could your eyes glitter more than now?

Isn’t your melodious laugh

the most rapturous sound?

Oh, I hear more ecstasy

listening to your singing.  

Whoa, did I make your cheeks glow red?

My devotion and affection are sincere.

I adore you simply because you are

the brightest jewel I have ever seen.

You sparkle when the light dances

across your face, hair, hands, and limbs.

My smile couldn’t be wider,

couldn’t be more genuine because

I find you enchanting,





Love Letter 9



Far or near, I desire to see the shape of you.  The curves of your figure, the poise of your stance, the glide of your walk, the grace of your hand, the length of your arm, the height and width of your smile, the circles of your eyes.  The lightness of your laugh, the clarity of your wit, the warmth of your embrace, the sincerity of your affection, the sternness of your conviction, the fire of your passion.  I want to see you.  You from many perspectives, united by me.  You from many moments, united by us.  You from many experiences, shared by us.