Gap Pulls “Manifest Destiny” T-Shirt, Gets History Lesson from Outraged Consumers | Fashion – Yahoo! Shine

Gap Pulls “Manifest Destiny” T-Shirt, Gets History Lesson from Outraged Consumers | Fashion – Yahoo! Shine.

Adding fuel to the fire, the shirt’s designer, Mark McNairy, tweeted “MANIFEST DESTINY. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” last Friday in response to customer complaints. He quickly deleted his tweet, but not before a screengrab of it was widely circulated, and then he followed up—three days later—with an all-caps semi-apology.

“Unfortunately, the meaning of my ‘Manifest Destiny’ T shirt has been misconstrued and the sentiment behind it grossly misunderstood,” McNairy posted on Twitter on Tuesday, blatantly disregarding his “survival of the fittest” quip. “I first learned of Manifest Destiny in American History in Junior High School. To me it has always meant that one could set goals, work hard, and achieve their dreams. Having the opportunity to design for the Gap was the realization of one of my dreams. This phrase and they way I used it was in no way meant to be offensive or hurtful, and I apologize to those who might have interpreted it in that manner.”

Paring Down Instead of Fast Fashion

Kerin Rose on Fast Fashion
Kerin Rose, A-Morir eyewear designer
“My one fashion regret would be indulging in the world of fast fashion. For a very long time I didn’t realize the importance and value of investment pieces and I got very into fast fashion as I think girls in their ’20s tend to do. And now that I’m encroaching on my ’30s I really regret having spent a lot of money on frivolous crap.”…

“One of the questions I’ve been struggling with is “how simple is too simple?” At what point does a simplistic wardrobe become a boring one? And does it matter?

This week I’ve noticed some of my favorite fashion bloggers paring down, which is particularly noticeable because these two tend to be very flashy, complex dressers. ”  –  at Twenty Pieces: Paring Down