Little Dogs

Today I walked past two small girls with a tiny little dog (the abomination-unto-the-Lord-kind).  So, I stared at the small girls, trying to see beyond them to the tiny dog behind them.

This eventually prompted the oldest of the girls to say, “Hello.”

I said, “Hello,” back.

But what I was really thinking was, “I have no interest in you little girl, let me see your puppy.”

Obviously, I could be a children’s book villain.

When Asian Dudes Talk At Me

Asian guys always say the same things: “Do you have a boyfriend?”
“You must be lonely being by yourself.”
I am thinking, ‘Asian men typically don’t view women as completely human. Should I really be listening to your jabber when a dog will make a better companion?’

Daily Life in Korea 40

Sometimes now when I see pictures of dogs, I think they look delicious.

I called my dog “emergency rations” and that was before I came to Korea.

I think I have just always been Korean.

Except I still won’t eat bundaegi.

Maybe I am not that Korean.

(BTW-I have never actually knowingly consumed dog meat.)