Gangnam Style Continues

Here is a more recent review of the craze surrounding PSY’s Gangnam Style.

You can read their blog: Eat Your Kimchi! and about Gangnam Style for Music Mondays.

Parody video by Simon and Martina!

Bloopers!                        They are awesome!

Britney Spears even learns the horse dance from PSY himself while on Ellen’s show.

This is getting a lot of press.

“Hi, I’m PSY from Korea. How are you?” Yeah, that is totally for a Korean audience!  Sigh, we know you are from Korea … also we don’t especially care unless we are Korean.

Daily Life in Korea 28

These bloggers, Eat Your Kimchi, are living in Korea and they are really funny and can give you the 411 on the K-pop scene.  They are from Canada and you should check out their website and videos.

But that part about guys blow-drying and spritzing their junk is true.  Korean men are “metro-sexual” or basically just effeminate.