Permanently humbled

Permanently humbled is a concept a friend and I talked about today.  It happens with a tremendous loss of identity and ability.  Becoming disabled or crippled would be an example.

I never realized this happens because sometimes people talk about being humbled as a transitory experience.  But with any transitory experience, it ends. Temporarily humbled by a setback, when you overcome it, you regain your lost pride.  (Isn’t that the definition of humble: lost pride.)

But I don’t think of humbled that way anymore.  I think of being humbled as when circumstances change the way you create your self-esteem, and also that of others.  It is a permanent change in perspective; a shift in worldview.

Humbled is when you can’t change the circumstances surrounding you through your power but the circumstances defining you change you forever.

Those Who Take Advantage

I have a dear, beautiful friend who passionately told me, ‘You can’t blame the victims.  Those doing wrong are the people taking advantage – the abusers.  The victims were vulnerable.  Those who take advantage of that vulnerability are abusing their power and position.  It is their evil action.  The victims aren’t responsible for what happened to them, they couldn’t save or protect themselves.’