Daily Life in Korea 26

Public transportation takes a long time.  Waiting for a bus or a train makes your travel time longer.

Today I went to Gimhae and then Changwon and then Jinhae, because there is no direct bus to Jinhae from where I live and I wanted to meet a foreigner friend in Gimhae for lunch.  But we really didn’t have time for that once he finally arrived.

It was a bit of a disaster.  Then I had to try to find the local bus from Changwon to Jinhae (because they are really that close together) but it took talking on the phone and waiting for almost an hour.  There was only one bus and finding it was very hard.  It only said in one small little area that it went to Jinhae at all.  Jinhae isn’t really that small of a place.  I mean, it is small, but they have a McDonalds now.  Seriously, I saw it.  That is new.

Once I got to Jinhae, I had to find Jinhaeru to watch the fireworks.  It is right on the ocean but the taxi driver wasn’t sure.  Actually, it is right across from the naval base and a very long two-lane road.

I got there and stood for a long time, waiting to see the fireworks.  Then some Korean family pushed their way in front of me.  Because that is totally normal and if I had really wanted to be in front of them I should learn Korean to tell them so and push more aggressively in front of them.  But I had waited!  Seriously, this always happens anywhere you go.  My Western sense of personal space for me and my horse is just seen as wanting to be literally walked all over.

And yeah, the fireworks were pretty and the lantern-lighting and flying was cool.  But still, such a frustrating day.

And then I couldn’t get a taxi.

Or get to the bus terminal in time to catch the last bus.

I literally just watched it pull out of the terminal and drive away-not yet realizing it was my only chance to go home for the night.

The lady told me in Korean apparently the last bus had already left.

Then in English, she told the Korean people who asked her for tickets to the same city that the last bus left at 9:30.

I am not telling you an April Fool’s joke-it really went down like that.

I had to find a motel room and set my alarm to go off before 6am so I could catch the first train back to Busan and from there try to go to my job by normal starting time.



Public transportation does have a negative side.


In the TV show Glee, when Finn and Quinn kiss, they experience fireworks.

Is that normal?

Well, I guess there was a guy that made my heart beat fast when we kissed.  Our kisses felt more magical than just pairs of lips meeting.

But then again, Glee is just TV.  I mean, when Finn kissed Rachel he had an orgasm.  And that is certainly explosive.

I love fireworks.  I like the whistling sound they make before the explosion.  I like the colors.  I like how they expand and fade. I like the play of shapes and patterns different fireworks can make.  I like the music the play to match fireworks.

I feel happy watching fireworks.  I sit, and I don’t speak, and even being alone, I love to watch fireworks.

I go to the beach, by myself, even sitting through rain, and I watch big explosions in the night sky.  I see light and fire and smoke.

My ringtone is even the sound of fireworks.  It scares my friends’ dog.

So, why do I love fireworks so much?  Why do people love fireworks so much?

Sure, they are beautiful, but why go to see them in person rather than just watch on TV.

I guess I feel hopeful seeing them.  It’s part of a transcendental experience.  I sit there and I am bigger than myself and so small and surrounded at the same time.  I see fireworks and they are both near and far and I am completely aware of the moment.

Fireworks remind me what people can create together, what dreamers can imagine.  Fireworks symbolize hope and the optimism of the future.  They are a celebration and extravagant and fleeting and lovely.

So, enjoy the fireworks!