In the TV show Glee, when Finn and Quinn kiss, they experience fireworks.

Is that normal?

Well, I guess there was a guy that made my heart beat fast when we kissed.  Our kisses felt more magical than just pairs of lips meeting.

But then again, Glee is just TV.  I mean, when Finn kissed Rachel he had an orgasm.  And that is certainly explosive.

I love fireworks.  I like the whistling sound they make before the explosion.  I like the colors.  I like how they expand and fade. I like the play of shapes and patterns different fireworks can make.  I like the music the play to match fireworks.

I feel happy watching fireworks.  I sit, and I don’t speak, and even being alone, I love to watch fireworks.

I go to the beach, by myself, even sitting through rain, and I watch big explosions in the night sky.  I see light and fire and smoke.

My ringtone is even the sound of fireworks.  It scares my friends’ dog.

So, why do I love fireworks so much?  Why do people love fireworks so much?

Sure, they are beautiful, but why go to see them in person rather than just watch on TV.

I guess I feel hopeful seeing them.  It’s part of a transcendental experience.  I sit there and I am bigger than myself and so small and surrounded at the same time.  I see fireworks and they are both near and far and I am completely aware of the moment.

Fireworks remind me what people can create together, what dreamers can imagine.  Fireworks symbolize hope and the optimism of the future.  They are a celebration and extravagant and fleeting and lovely.

So, enjoy the fireworks!