Broken. Maybe it’s a lie here and another lie there. Catching two different stories about the same event. And slowly, no matter how many excuses I make or how much I want to believe and trust someone, it’s gone. There is nothing left. Every story needs confirmation, but is the evidence provided even definite proof? Could it be faked? Digitally altered? Showing something that only appears to be what I am looking for? How much of the story is a lie? All or just part or just the tiniest but most crucial detail? It’s maddening to have to test everything because there’s been enough demonstration that anything can be lied about. There are no boundaries that aren’t crossed by deceit.

Really, the only sane choice is to cut ties with this person. Make sure there’s no access, leverage, anything left that I would not let everyone else see. Nothing with which to attack or blackmail me. Because if the lying is so obvious and brazen, could there be anything this person wouldn’t do?

The web of lies only can grow, entangling me further into betrayal, danger, and most of all hurt. When trust is gone, affection will follow.

Daily Life in Korea 38

North Korea launched a controversial long-range missile in what it said was an attempt to launch a rocket into space.

Regardless, the rocket broke apart after exploding in the air.

You can read up more about this particular incident here.

But everyone knows North Korea is aggressive, anti-social, and usually tries to kill a few South Koreans every year.  Honestly, I have lost track of the count of the number of South Koreans killed by North Korean provocations during the time I have been here.  Floods from dam reservoirs, submarine sinking, and bombings all perpetrated by North Korea have happened within the last three years.