Year of the Dragon Part 1

Mall Display for the Chinese New Year!

Welcome the year of the dragon in the Chinese New Year!

I say Chinese New Year because I escaped Korea to go see how the original people celebrate their lunar new year!

On Chinese New Year I went to an amusement park in Jakarta with lots of exhibits showcasing the best of Indonesia.  Indonesia consists of 17,508 islands, (thanks Wikipedia) which includes a lot of culture.

There were also animals like birds and fish.  And this …

Large Reptile

The Indonesian Dragon: The Komodo Dragon!

Giant Lizard
The Komodo Dragon isn't really a dragon at all-it's a giant lizard!
He is touching a snake!

My enthusiastic tour guide was very excited to show me the famous Indonesian dragon.  But I think he doesn’t realize little, white American girls who fall in love with Asia learn about China and Japan.  Not Indonesia so much.  And when I first heard of the Komodo Dragon, I thought it was the most fabulous thing-A REAL LIFE DRAGON!  But then, I realized Komodo is not a Japanese name and my interest in the dragon died.  It became just a poser-lizard.  Which is, in fact, what it is.  That or a land crocodile.   Or a giant monitor.

Yep, the Komodo dragon disappointed me for not being from or a tribute to the land of the rising sun.  That and my tour guide let the snake in the picture get close to me.  So scary!  I am against reptiles and their egg-born spawn.

So, here’s to you, Year of the Dragon!  May your dragons be more colorful, beautiful, and exciting than the giant Indonesian land crocodile.