a new sales tactic

“Selling a rice cooker? How much?”

“15 dollars.”

“Why you selling it?”

“Dying, won’t be needing it anymore.  So you interested in it?  I can knock five dollars off.”

That’s not exactly what I said but I think the feeling was pretty similar.

Apparently your past follows you everywhere.

Two examples:

I can’t shake the Asian habit of bowing.  I politely bow to the elderly, sales people, and to greet the neighbors.  I am American, I should hold my head up high and never bow it to another.  Sigh, I bowed 5 times today that I noticed.  This reverse culture shock is harder than it looks.  Well, or apparently I just look very strange to my fellow Americans.

Another example is receiving mail for the deceased at a house the said deceased never resided at.  Yeah, marketing people are amazing at forwarding your spam mail, even if you have moved on in another sense.

So thus the title of this post and the feeling that your past is never far behind you.