Florida’s FUCKED UP “Stand Your Ground” Law



I feel like that this is a little disturbing. So, black woman fires warning shots to defend herself against someone who she knows will hurt her and a hispanic man stalks a black child and shoots, killing him. Black woman = 20 years in prison. Hispanic man = free.

If you are black, just leave Florida. Clearly the legal system will not give you justice.

Murderous Dream

I had a murderous dream where to attain success up the corporate ladder, I needed to eliminate some obstacles in the form of people: a former lover, a familial relative (lil’ bro), and some Asian woman.  I snapped their necks (yes, in the dream world, my lack of physical strength isn’t a concern), except for the Asian woman’s.  She was too fast and got away.  But I had planned on still killing her.

I think I feel like I am struggling against forces that inhibit me.  I might not need to literally snap their necks and thankfully, I couldn’t even begin to accomplish such a feat.