Milk + Honey

August is hot.  Miserably hot in an apartment without air-conditioning.

So, my roommate and friend introduced me to a local and delicious cafe: Milk + Honey

It’s yummy.  And hip.  They serve tart frozen yogurt and shaved ice!  Yes, with milk and honey.

My friend had a Chai Deluxe shaved ice with frozen yogurt in the center.

I got a mango shaved ice with mango, red adzuki beans, and chocolate chips on top (because they were out of Reese’s cups).

It was delicious.

Read this and that for yourself.

Then go get yourself some yummy froyo and shaved ice!

Earthquake for Three Seconds

There was an earthquake for three seconds.  Definitely not my first or longest earthquake experience but potentially my first Californian earthquake experience.  Potentially because I couldn’t remember how many times I had been here, but people ask, “Oh, is it your first time to California?”  To which I say “no”, but maybe it would be more helpful to say it is my first time living in California.

Anaheim as a toddler, San Diego as an elementary student, San Francisco to Anaheim as a high school student, Disneyland post-college, Orange County.  Yep, been to California five times before moving here.

I was really excited about the earthquake!