Raw Food

Bananas in the Raw – Served fresh and all natural, raw toppings.

I ate this breakfast at 118°, a restaurant in Costa Mesa, CA.

At 118°, they don’t serve any food that has been cooked.  Raw food is a new trend in diets.  You can be a vegan raw foodie, a vegetarian raw foodie, or even choose to eat raw meat and fish.


Read the blog of 118° here.


Milk + Honey

August is hot.  Miserably hot in an apartment without air-conditioning.

So, my roommate and friend introduced me to a local and delicious cafe: Milk + Honey

It’s yummy.  And hip.  They serve tart frozen yogurt and shaved ice!  Yes, with milk and honey.

My friend had a Chai Deluxe shaved ice with frozen yogurt in the center.

I got a mango shaved ice with mango, red adzuki beans, and chocolate chips on top (because they were out of Reese’s cups).

It was delicious.

Read this and that for yourself.

Then go get yourself some yummy froyo and shaved ice!

Daily Life in Korea 63

South Korea has a lot of second-hand smoke.  You always see men smoking at the table or outside.  After being in a bar, you probably will still smell like smoke.  California doesn’t let you smoke in restaurants.  It has been that way for like a decade I think.

I’m just saying! ^.~

Daily Life in Korea 3

I ate spaghetti at Uncle Tomato by Yangsan Station today.



Sleeping through lunch made me extra hungry.  The restaurant was empty when I arrived, but there are more people now.
But I am the only one eating alone.
Maybe that is why the waiter indulged me with a slight smile.

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