S Diary

This is quite possibly my favorite movie.  Definitely my favorite Korean movie:

S Diary or 에스 다이어리

Kim Seon Ah is the star, my favorite Korean actress.  She re-examines her former lovers, seeing if they only wanted sex, or if there was love between them.  Then she charges all the men invoices for sex and hatches a hilarious plan to make them pay up.

It’s like a romantic comedy, but there is no “couple” in the end.  Just Seon Ah, playing piano, her mother crying and smiling after watching, and then Seon Ah, writing a note of thanks in her first published book.

S Diary

Oh my gosh, why do I love this movie so much?

I sighed and cried while watching it with my boyfriend.  I ended up confessing to him, I watched this movie before coming to Korea, and after coming back stateside, I told him during the beginning of the movie, that it made me feel nostalgia for South Korea.  I then confessed, “Korea is my first love.”

Yeah, the first time I think I have said it out loud in a while.

The movie came out in 2004, by the way.

 The girl grows up, becomes a woman, makes memories, remembers memories, cries, gets revenge, mourns, and then sets out to find herself.

Finding herself.

That’s why I love this movie.

It was the lesson before I went to Korea.

It is the same lesson I am trying to master now.

Who am I?

Knowing myself.

Loving myself.

Love and Sex