Year of the Dragon Part 2

The ocean from Bali! Yep, I was a dork readin' a book at the beach!

The beach is awesome!  After Lunar New Year, I began the Year of the Dragon in Bali, Indonesia.  It was somewhere I never imagined I would go three years ago.  It was somewhere I never imagined going by myself two years ago.  Life is amazing.  People get older.  People get bolder.

Black Water Dragon 2012

And some of us just get henna tattoos of dragons to celebrate the Chinese New Year!   Okay, I do love henna.  But I didn’t love remembering the news reporting when I was young (teenager, or even younger? So decades ago.) about black henna giving tourists rashes when they got a temporal tattoos during their beach vacations.  Rashes are not good vacation/new year fun!  But I couldn’t say no to the pushy vendors on the beach at Bali.  So yes, I got a black henna tattoo of a water dragon on my leg!  Go year of the dragon!  So far not itchy and no signs of infection/impending amputation (yet!) and it might fade away.  Maybe.  Um, but not really even faded to brown yet.

So here’s to you Indonesia and the Year of the Dragon-2012!

Real "Dragon"